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Seoul 2023 Cafe Show

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Yes!  We are here to stay and delight you with our Ecuadorian specialty coffee.

Throughout our trip we were part of the Ecuadorian businessmen group and a delegation of representatives of the Ecuadorian government for the pre-signing of the SECA agreement between our countries.

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South Korea and Ecuador working together
SECA agreement

The signing of the conclusion of the negotiations of the trade agreement with Korea opens the doors for us to export our products, in better conditions, to a market of 51 million inhabitants. This is a great step to strengthen our economy, commercial development, the well-being of Ecuadorians and promises a future of mutual collaboration between both nations.

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We have been working for more than seven years exporting our coffee to such an exclusive destination where the quality of our products is highly valued, such as South Korea.

There are many benefits to small specialty coffee businesses, South Korea currently has more than 100,000 specialty coffee shops and there is real demand with which we can grow sustainably.

We do not want to produce to sell,

we want to sell to produce.

We will keep working to bring

more Ecuador to the world!

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