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Our Vision

About us


Olinka Vélez´s Coffee was born in 2010 in our Farm named Chorora located in the province of Loja, in Sozoranga´s town.


In the year of 2012, I´ve decided to sow around 10 different varieties of specialty coffee to understand the behavior of the coffee against diseases and types of soil. This was a great experience to structure new techiniques among other 70 small coffee producers in my area.


Our vision of Specialty Coffee is to build strong and long term businness realtionships with our customers from around the world, to provide them with the best product among their needs.
We are continuously in the research of new techniques that helps us reach our biggest goal.


Our goal is to offer Coffee Roasters companies the perfect coffee cherries of the world.

Chorora´s Farm is ready to work and grow together the exquisit Specialty Coffee for you.

Quiénes somos?


El Café Olinka Vélez, nació en el año 2010, en la Finca Chorora ubicada en el cantón de Sozoranga de la provincia de Loja .

En el año 2012, decidí sembrar cerca de 10 variedad de cafés especiales para ver su comportamiento referente a resistencia de enfermedades, producción y taza; para luego ver resultados y compartir con cerca de 70 pequeños productores de café  experiencias y desarrollar  así aproximadamente 150 hectáreas más en el sector de Sozoronga.

Nuestra visión de Café Especial se centra en la construcción de largas y fuertes relaciones comerciales con nuestros clientes a nivel mundial.

Nuestra incansable búsqueda de nuevas técnicas y recursos agrónomos, nos permiten acercarnos cada día más a alcanzar nuestro objetivo de convertirnos en los productores de la mejor cereza de café.

Nuestra Finca Chorora se encuentra lista para trabajar de la mano  y juntos alcanzar el exquisito Café Especial.

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Ecuador´s Golden Cup


Every year ANECAFE promotes among ecuadorian coffee producers a championship to choose the best arabic specialty coffee of our country.

In 2019 we won 1st, 2nd and 9th place breaking ecuador´s cupping with 91.17 

This achievements makes our commitment stronger than ever. We´ll keep working with our team to reach new goals and place ecuadorian coffee as one of the best specialty coffees of the world.


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